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Village of Woman Craft

“Craft makes our homes more human”

Rajasthan is well-known for its rich and vibrant culture and tradition. The womenfolk of Rajasthan love colors. Right from their clothes to the art and craft they make the state is always in a demonstration of colors. Rajasthan’s women are passionate about handwork and crafts and the government has given them every encouragement and concession. One of the famous craft villages of Rajasthan is the Village Women Craft located at RIICO industrial area in Ranthambore. Here, the ladies make all the traditional craft and artwork of Rajasthan. Tourists can watch the artisans at work and purchase whatever they like at the stores. 

The Village Women Craft, Ranthambore helps the local women to be financially and socially comfortable, thereby encouraging the continuation of the traditional arts and crafts. 

Village Women Craft, Ranthambore Overview

Rajasthan Culture and Tradition

Village Women Craft is where one can find nearby art and work of art made by the village ladies in Ranthambore. One can watch the neighborhood ladies at work here utilizing normal colors and harmless to the ecosystem material. A rich nature of nearby art including interwoven, woodwork and handloom is saved in plain view and deal for the vacationers.