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Moti Dungri Temple

Lord Ganesha holds a special place, not just in Hindu mythology but also in the heart of every devotee. Every religious function or festival followed by the Hindus starts by offering prayers to Lord Ganesha. According to religious scriptures, he is the God worshipped at the start of any auspicious beginning. Several famous temples across the country pay homage to Lord Ganesha and Jaipur holds the claim to fame of having once such temple in the city.

Moti Doongri temple is one of the most famous and revered temples of Jaipur which sees thousands of devotees at its steps. Devotees visit this temple at every important occasion of their life, be it buying their first car, or after getting married or before applying for a visa. The temple holds a very important place in the hearts of the people of the city.

History Of Moti Dungri Temple

Architecture of Moti Doongri temple

The sanctuary premise covers a range of 2 km and its structure has three vaults which connote the three fundamental religions continued in the country. Many-sided latticework in marble emphasizes the excellence of this sanctuary which has been cut out of stone. The walls are embellished with scenes from folklore that leave the guests entranced.

There are two edges on the two sides of the entry to the sanctuary for the aficionados to sit after they have offered supplications at the sanctuary. It is accepted that Lord Ganesha is satisfied in the event that the enthusiasts sit for a couple of moments in the wake of offering their requests and don’t rush back home right away.

Inside the Moti Doongri temple

Best time to visit the temple

As is commonly said, there will never be the best chance to visit a sanctuary since one can go there at whatever point one wishes to offer supplications. Moti Doongri sanctuary is crowded by enthusiasts all week long yet Wednesday is one of the most active days for the sanctuary. Master Ganesha is supposed to be the lord of the planet Mercury and Wednesday is the day for Mercury.

A little fair is set external the sanctuary on this day each week where peddlers selling toys, desserts, and other trinkets cover the street paving the way to the sanctuary. The passage of vehicles to the door of the sanctuary is limited on this day and blockades are set a ways off from the sanctuary premises.