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Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is one of the most seasoned cosmic observatories highlighting the world’s biggest stone sundial, situated in the core of Jaipur. It is presently not a functioning science place however is kept up with as a landmark, and training action meetings, directed visits and music and light shows, are coordinated here. Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is perhaps of the biggest observatory on the planet, containing wonderful stone gatherings that assistance to decipher the place of divine bodies and ascertain nearby time. Identified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Jantar Mantar draws in travelers, students of history, cosmologists, engineers, mathematicians, and geographers. The assortment of nineteen galactic instruments in Jantar Mantar permits the perception of cosmic situations with the unaided eye. The landmark is an epitome of building advancements that was based on thoughts from various strict and social convictions in eighteenth century India.

History of Jantar Mantar

Architecture of Jantar Mantar

The city is very much associated with different pieces of the nation and the world through a large number of transportation modes. The homegrown air terminal is a good ways off of 7 km from the fundamental city at Sanganer, while the worldwide air terminal is a ways off of 10 km. The air terminal interfaces the city to the significant metro urban communities across India and abroad. From the air terminal, you can enlist a taxi or a transport and arrive at your ideal objective in and around Jaipur.