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Big Cat Holiday seamlessly blends adventure, culture, and academia, creating educational journeys that go beyond the conventional classroom setting.


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Big Cat Holiday integrates interactive sessions, workshops, and hands-on activities into their educational tours. This approach allows students to engage with the subjects in a practical and memorable way, deepening their understanding and retention. Recognizing the significance of knowledgeable guidance, Big Cat Holiday provides expert school tour operators and college tour operators. These educational tour operators not only ensure the safety and logistics of the journey but also act as mentors, sharing insights and facilitating discussions that enhance the educational value of the tour.

During Ranthambore Tiger safari, safety and well-being of students are paramount for Big Cat Holiday. Rigorous safety measures, including trained staff, secure accommodations, and reliable transportation, ensure that students can focus on their educational journey with peace of mind.


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Big Cat Holiday believes that learning doesn’t have to be confined to classrooms. Our school tour operators often incorporate adventurous settings, such as exploring natural habitats, historical sites, or scientific landmarks. This unconventional approach sparks curiosity and inspires a love for discovery among students. Big Cat Holiday offers fully customizable tours. Schools and colleges can tailor their itineraries to match specific educational goals, timelines, and subjects, creating a bespoke learning experience for their students.

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Big Cat Holiday is committed to environmental education and conservation. Their tours often include initiatives that promote eco-consciousness and sustainability, instilling in students a sense of responsibility towards the environment and wildlife.

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Big Cat Holiday takes pride in being a distinguished College Tour Operators, offering enriching and immersive experiences tailored specifically for higher education institutions. With a focus on academic exploration, cultural immersion, and fostering a sense of global citizenship, Big Cat Holiday elevates college tours to a level where every journey becomes a transformative learning adventure.

To enhance the educational impact of the tour, Big Cat Holiday provides expert guides and academic facilitators. These professionals not only ensure the smooth execution of logistics but also serve as mentors, offering insights and facilitating intellectual discussions that resonate with college-level learning.

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