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Big Cat Holiday is not just a corporate tour operator; it’s a facilitator of unique experiences that leave a lasting impact. With a commitment to adventure, luxury, and seamless execution, they transform corporate travel into an opportunity for growth, bonding, and exploration.

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Big Cat Holiday stands as a distinguished corporate tour operator, offering bespoke journeys that go beyond the ordinary. Provide jeep safari and tiger safari as corporate tours with a touch of adventure, Big Cat Holiday ensures that every trip becomes a memorable chapter in the corporate story.

We understands that corporate travel is more than just a change of scenery; it’s an opportunity for teams to bond, rejuvenate, and inspire. We organize wild safari in Ranthambore with a focus on personalized experiences, they curate itineraries that align with the corporate culture


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The concept of corporate tours has evolved significantly in recent years. Beyond mere business meetings and conferences, these tours have become an opportunity for team building, strategizing, and even relaxation. In such a dynamic landscape, it’s essential to ensure that your corporate tour is seamless, comfortable, and efficient. This is where a corporate car rental service in Jaipur comes into play.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of corporate car rental services and car hire for corporate tours in Jaipur. We’ll explore the benefits, considerations, and tips for a successful corporate tour, providing you with valuable insights on how to make your journey unforgettable. Corporate tours serve various purposes, from strengthening team bonds to exploring new business opportunities. They offer a break from the conventional office setting, fostering creativity and productivity. However, the success of a corporate tour hinges on meticulous planning, which includes selecting the right transportation solution.

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From thrilling Ranthambore Tiger safari to exciting outdoor activities, Big Cat Holiday integrates team-building adventures into the corporate travel experience. These activities foster collaboration, communication, and teamwork, providing a unique platform for professional growth and relationship-building.

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Big Cat Holiday is committed to responsible office tour operator agency. They incorporate sustainable practices in their tours, ensuring minimal environmental impact and contributing positively to the local communities visited. Corporate clients can align their values with an operator that prioritizes ethical and eco-friendly travel.


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Recognizing the diverse needs of corporate clients, Big Cat Holiday offers customizable packages. Whether it’s a short team retreat or an extended corporate holiday, their flexibility allows businesses to tailor the experience to their unique requirements and objectives. Corporate tours with Big Cat Holiday are guided by experienced professionals who are not just experts in travel logistics but also skilled facilitators for team-building activities. Their guidance adds an extra layer of expertise to the journey, ensuring a seamless blend of adventure and learning.

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Corporate car rental is when companies work with a car rental provider to manage their business travel needs. Companies can choose to work with one specific company like Budget, Enterprise or Hertz car rental corporation, or they can work with a business travel platform like Bigcatholiday where you can manage all the services in one place. These platforms allow you to manage all your loyalty schemes and discounts, and have access to different rental providers to get the best deals.

There are many choices for rental car management software, whether that be directly with the rental company or choosing a business travel platform that allows you to manage everything in one place. Bigcatholiday is without a doubt the best car rental for business travelers.

Yes, you can drop off a car rental at a different location than from where you pick it up. In many cases it is more expensive to return a car at a different location. In the Bigcatholiday platform if you want to drop off at a different location, you just have to select “drop off at different location.”

In an effort to get you the best corporate rates, Bigcatholiday partners up with top corporate car rental service providers. Backed by the industry leading TMC, BCDTravel, you get the best of both worlds, while at the same time getting access to services that would not otherwise be available when working with a travel agent like integration and self-management.

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