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Birla Mandir


Birla Mandir is an extremely renowned sanctuary and a profoundly respected journey for the Hindus. Birla Mandir in Jaipur is a wonderful design that discusses excellence every which way. Worked of marble this wonderful sanctuary is visited by huge number of enthusiasts consistently. This sanctuary is encircled by rich nurseries on all sides and is a treat so that the eyes could see such beautiful blossoms across the board place. The sanctuary has three arches and has lovely drawings and carvings all around. The walls are covered with statements and truisms from notable evangelists and blessed men. This sanctuary is not quite the same as different sanctuaries and puts stock in balance of all religions and the vaults are intended to mean that. Birla Mandir is a milestone in Jaipur and a should visit objective for each guest. The walls of this sanctuary bring a great deal to the table to individuals who put stock in folklore and the proclaiming of our savvy precursors.

Traveller Tips For Birla Mandir

Things to Do

  • Free yourself in the peacefulness of the spot.
  • Look at the drawings on the walls and the statements from the contents from the heavenly books like Bhagvad Gita.
  • Experience the rhythm of the soulful aarti during the evenings or mornings make all your stress wash away.